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Saturday, 07 September 2019 18:52

AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix 9-11 August 2019

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The 47th AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix, attracted more than 53,000 spectators. Approximately 500 historic racing cars were present at the Nürburgring, showing their muscles on the tarmac with an immense roar of the well tuned engines. The weather conditions were constantly changing with a heavy shower during Friday’s qualifying sessions in the afternoon. The weather during the races on Saturday increasingly took a turn towards the sunny side, so adding some more spice to the competition because on the wet track in qualifying the lighter and more agile classic cars frequently had an advantage, while during racing under dry conditions the more powerful vehicles were able to leverage their strengths. Hence the spectators saw gripping races with many position battles.
Wednesday, 21 August 2019 21:17

Citroën Century Celebration - Le Rassemblement du Siecle, 19 – 21 July 2019

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In July 2019 one of the most celebratory events in the automotive industry took place. The “Citroën Century Celebration / Le Rassemblement du Siecle” was held from 19 – 21 July, in La Ferté-Vidame (Eure-et-Loir) in an area with natural beauty and full of history for Citroen. MotorMarques persisted to be present at this event and decided to make a fantastic 1,735 km trip from Lisbon, Portugal to La Ferté-Vidame, France in a Citroën 2cv from April 1990.  
Friday, 21 June 2019 13:14

Nürburgring Classic 2019

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25 races and more than 800 starters provided a large and varied program of the third edition of the "Nürburgring Classic". The event’s main sponsor of the Nürburgring Classic was the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Richard Mille. The weather turned out much better than the predictions on the various media. Friday and Saturday were even very sunny. Despite the weather conditions, the event was not so well-attended as the grandstands were almost empty on Sunday. For visitors Saturday was the best day to drive to the Nürburgring as the most interesting races could be watched that day. Included in the entry fee was access to the paddock area which gave the visitors the opportunity to view the racecars even better.
Friday, 12 April 2019 10:22

Citroën 2CV Museum in Andijk, the Netherlands

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In the top ten of cult cars are the Ford model T, VW Beetle, Mini, Fiat 500 but without doubt also the Citroën 2CV or Deux Chevaux.  The name Deux Chevaux (2 horses) refers to the taxation class of the 2CV. This car was designed to be a ‘two tax horsepower’ car. Nicknamed the ‘Duck’, the car still has a huge number of admirers and owners. There are even collectors of this cult car and most probably the largest collection of Citroën 2CVs can be admired in a museum located in a small village in the Netherlands called Andijk.