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MotorMarques Team

Saturday, 03 November 2012 02:06
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SO-CAL Special. With information supplied by Frank Walters' Daughter Linda

 Mt Panorama - a long time ago.  Easter weekend 1949. Swarms of  motor cycle riders came up over the Blue Mountains and occupied the historical town of Bathurst, NSW. They began to arrive early in the afternoon - before the pubs shut at 6.00 pm. Their goal was Mount Panorama. When the motor cycle races were over, and the bikes had gone, the sports cars and racing cars arrived. From early Sunday morning, the shreik of their motors and the stench of scorched tyres filled the air. Easter Monday - about dawn - street sweepers cleaned up the mess at the end of Conrod straight where wild boys had crashed their cars during the night - after failing to take the left-hander down at the bottom of the hill.
Tuesday, 16 October 2012 04:12
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Pop Cross by Pedro Bessa

From Portugal with a hug. The POP CROSS was a form of sport automobile that appeared in Europe at the beginning of the 70s and catering exclusively to a model automobile. The Citroen 2CV and its derivatives, the Dyane and Mehari.