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Monday, 18 June 2012 08:42
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Winton 2012 - Part 3

Around the garages - 36th Historic Winton 26th & 27th May 2012 Please note that all these images are subject to Copyright. Please Contact us or Register with us for further information.
Wednesday, 09 May 2012 00:20
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RACV - Display 2012

Photography Richard Abey.  
  New DSC02888
  Aston Martin
AMOC records of Classic Cars  When the Motor Registration Act - Victoria, Australia - was passed in 1909, all motor vehicles were assigned a unique number. In trying to trace an engine in a vehicle for originality or history, the AOMC database may be a useful resource as it records this detail.Many historic vehicles purchased as a restoration project might not have had registration details supplied and the AOMC records may provide sufficient evidence to prove previous Victorian registration.
Sunday, 06 May 2012 02:45
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Motormarques revisits Rob Roy 2002

For ten or more years Motormarques has been presenting photos of Classic Cars from all over the world. In resuming the 'Bill's Corner' section of the great, but now discontinued, UK site Motorsnippets, the objective of Motormarques was to revive and preserve images of classic cars and their drivers that might otherwise fade from view if not from memory. That objective still holds. Following on from the Richard Abey, Bill Hunter report of the VHRR Trident Cup meeting at Rob Roy on 22 April 2012,  I have chosen part of a set of Motormarques photos taken at Rob Roy, Victoria, Australia, on 10 February, 2002.Readers, locations, machines and drivers are clearly not what they used to be. But the life of them will be preserved for as long as we're able. 
   Few drivers in the world of classic car racing can match Trevor Cole's ability and success that have been admired for over half a century.
                                                  As always - click on the small images to get the enlarged image.
  DSCF4604 S DSCF4610 S DSCF4612 S DSCF4613 S
   This is how Rob Roy used to look.  Even in drought it was magic.  I don't know the names of drivers  Nor even of their cars.
  DSCF4614 S DSCF4616 S DSCF4617 S DSCF4615 S
   Some cars - everyone remembers.  But not always the modifications  My photos were/are not always brilliant.  But many people in them will remember.
  DSCF4619 S DSCF4620 S DSCF4623 S DSCF4624 S
  Rob Roy is often cold and damp.  The personalities always cheerful.  I guess this is Leo Bates' car  It held the hillclimb record
  DSCF4626 S DSCF4627 S DSCF4628 S DSCF4629 S
   Straight out competition cars  Or road-registered sports cars  They always have been magic Like Norm Beechey they just keep on going.
  DSCF4630 S DSCF4636 S DSCF4631 S DSCF4633 S
   I need help here  There was a Lotus Exige at the VHRR meeting on 22 April 2012  I think this is a Berkeley  Mini near turn 1
   DSCF4639 S  DSCF4641 S  DSCF4643 S  DSCF4642 S
   I think this is the Lancia Ford Splthat Bill Redpath drives   And I think this is Bil Redpath  Holden driven by Webster - I'mjust going on the signwriting  Don Kinsey (with microphone) is oneof the everlasting personalities andcompetitors. 
Sunday, 29 April 2012 05:13
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Bill Conoulty - 1938

 The Conoulty Special Austin Comet - also known as "Musso"Bill Conoulty driving his 'Special Austin Comet'.The above photograph shows Bill entering Pit Straight at Bathurst -C1938.Photograph supplied by Peter Maher New South Wales, AustraliaThis highly competitive Special raced in New South Wales during the 1930's and 1940's and was the test bed for for many of the Bill Conoulty developed engines during that period. Written documentation during these early years refers to the Special as 'Conoulty Austin 7', 'Conoulty Special', 'Conoulty Special Austin Comet' and 'Musso'.Thomas William (Bill) Conoulty was born in Sydney, NSW, Australia in 1901 and attended Ultimo Technical College. He married and had three children. One son William (Bill) Conoulty Junior followed in his father’s footsteps choosing engineering as his profession. Bill Conoulty passed away in 1961. Thanks to Bill Conoulty Junior, much of his father’s early motoring history has been preserved.William Conoulty Senior is best known for his involvement with building and racing Austin Sevens, motorcycle racing (Douglas Isle of Man) and NSW motor sport from the late 1920’ to the late 1940’s. He was the first man in NSW to achieve 100 mph on a motorcycle. He was an avid supporter of the controversial Maroubra speedway in the 1920’ and early 1930’s. Bill Conoulty is also known for his design of the 'Comet 65' (Sydney built road going Austin Seven Sports model), the ‘Cushioned Power’ Austin Seven head, an overhead valve conversion and an overhead cam conversion for the Austin Seven. He also designed small Austin Seven power "tractors" for indoor use featuring enclosed exhaust gas collection. The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney commissioned one of these in 1937 to pull linen trolleys around the wards. One of his more interesting projects was the Sydney version of the ‘Globe of Death’, which in its original form, featured a modified Austin Seven and a Douglas motorcycle travelling in opposite directions!
Saturday, 28 April 2012 00:35
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Tasman Revival

Historic racing cars hit the track in Sydney for 2012 Tasman Revival  Start your engines for Australia's premier historic racing car event: the 2012 Tasman revival in Sydney from 23rd-25th November 2012 at Eastern Creek Raceway  The 2012 Tasman Revival is an unrivaled opportunity for racing car enthusiasts to experience the excitement of 1960s “formula cars ” and 1970s Formula 5000 cars in full flight with over 30 racing events over three days. Spectators can soak up the sights, sounds and tremendous atmosphere of historic motorsport over three days of almost continuous racing, with close trackside access to races, cars and drivers. Presented by the Historic Sports & Racing Car Association of NSW, the 2012 Tasman Revival will bring together ex-Formula 1 and Indy cars including Ferrari, McLaren, Spirit Honda, Brabham, Surtees, Lola and Lotus.
A grid of fearsome Formula 5000s will feature at the event when over 12,000 hp rattles the windows and shakes the ground of Eastern Creek. Other categories will be there too – production sports cars such as Austin Healeys and Porsches, touring cars including Mustangs and Falcon GTs and single seaters from Formula Vee through Juniors and Formula Ford to F1. Many of Australia ’s best known drivers will be at the track with opportunities for autographs.Patron of the Tasman Revival FRANK MATICH AM, two-time winner of the Australian Grand Prix and builder of some of Australia ’s most iconic and successful racing cars will be attending on Sunday. Spokesperson for the Mr. Stephen Knox said:  “The Tasman Revival is a not-to-be-missed event for racing car enthusiasts.It ’s a rare chance to see some of the fastest cars from the 1960s and ‘70s compete on track with almost continuous racing over three exciting days. “Spectators get incredible access to the cars and drivers with the Memorabilia Marquee displaying many significant and spectacular cars. Full access is available to garages and marquees throughout the paddock areas and no special passes are needed.
“Historic racing is the biggest and fastest growing branch of motorsport in Australia and throughout the Western world. We are expecting about 450 entries including more than 50 international competitors. “It ’s a great day for the entire family and something you will never forget. TICKETS from $20 available from or phone 136 100
For details visit www.tasmanrevival.comJoin us on facebook:  And follow us on twitter @hsrcaFor details visit www.tasmanrevival.comJoin us on facebook:  And follow us on twitter @hsrcaMEDIA CONTACT: Mr. Peter Addison – 0412 403 582
Thursday, 26 April 2012 01:12
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Autumn Rob Roy 2012

            Cool hill - hot times - Rob Roy 22nd April 2012
Nigel Gray - just after turn 1
 There used to be a guy who sang on the wireless about how terrific April showers were because they made the flowers bloom in the Spring. Some classic car drivers in Victoria didn't have the same seasonal instinct, and didn't seem to be all that chirpy about the prospect of rain on the VHRR Hillclimb scheduled for April 22. Ron Simmons resorted to the web; coaxing members to send in entries. “If your Mum turns up with her shopping trolley she will probably get a run,” he wrote.  “Scrutineering commences at 8am on Sunday morning, and we will be accepting entries onthe day." Apparently that did the trick. There was a turnaround, and it looked as though it was going to be a good day after all.
Monday, 23 April 2012 21:16
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Myrniong - April 2012

A selection of Richard Abey's  photographs of the Myrniong Sprint - Sunday April 15 2012 
                                   Jim Russell in this Ford V8 Spl holds the course record of 28 seconds. 
DSC02447 DSC02451 DSC02452 DSC02463
 John Marriott Athey A7  Patrick Ryan Vauxhall   Allan Tyrell Austin 7 Ulster S/c  Bill Cooper MGA special 
DSC02465 DSC02466 DSC02467 DSC02468
 Phil Safford MG Wolseley  Bob Lewis -MG TC   Connor Ryan MG TC Spl   Dick O'Keefe  Photon
DSC02469 DSC02470 DSC02476 DSC02480
 Nigel Gray Singer Le Mans Spl   Trevor Arklay - Lotus VI  Frank Hook - Austin Healey  Aaron de Fina - Honda S600
 DSC02500  DSC02510 DSC02515   DSC02516
 ? Bob Lewis - MG TC  Gary Ball - Record holder - 30s  Roger Allgood - Bolwell Mazda  Ken Seelenmeyer - Cobra Daytona
 ? Lucas Morling - Tyrrell A7
DSC02523 DSC02531 DSC02533 DSC02542
 **See comment from Richard McWhannell below  Patrick Ryan - Vauxhall 30/98  Martin Stubbs - Austin 7 Sports  Phillip Gray - Ford V8 Spl
DSC02450 DSC02553 DSC02549 ms.120415-25
 *Bob Booth Special  Bill Cooper's Nedenko - MGA Special.  Ted Geermans - Lagonda Rapier  ***Graeme Steinfort et al Austin 7 
*Vale Bob Booth Harrison has written to inform me that "Bob unfortunately passed away last week but before he did the car was run at Eddington (a few problems) and Myrniong. Bob did get to Eddington but was too ill to go to Myrniong, however he did see the video captured on the day and get to see and hear the car running fast and sweetly." ** Richard McWhannell wrote from Auckland:"I have seen that car from other angles. I think it may be an Abernathy Brooklands replica? Have a look at this ... Bill Conoulty who I mentioned to you: "***   From Tony Press:      The car is a replica Austin 7 Australian GP car, with many original parts, based on Captain Arthur Waites wining car. 
Friday, 20 April 2012 23:32
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Roycroft Trophy Meeting Hampton Downs

Roycroft Trophy Race Meeting Hampton Downs Motorsport Park - 14/15 April 2012 This story would not have been produced without the aid, information, guidance, and genial support of Richard McWhannell The Waitemata Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand, in association with the New Zealand  Classic Motorcycle Racing Register and The Historic Racing and Sports Car Club (Inc) presented the Roycroft Trophy Meeting,  April 2012.
 Star of the meeting : the thundering Alfa Monza leaving the opposition coughing in its wake.
Hampton Downs is 60 km drive south of Auckland on State Highway No 1, on the North Island. The purpose-built track is only a few years old, and all the facilities and service areas are pristine.The complex is set in 450 acres of rolling hillside.  Many of the photos shown in this artiicle reflect the beauty of the location.The circuit is a bit under 4 km long. The main straight is 1000 metres long, with a kink in the middle with 11 metre rise and fall. The back straight is flat with a length of 800 metres. Circuit direction is clockwise.
 DSCN0530 IMG 1653 DSCN0558 DSCN0569
 Allard Spl  - much as Sydney's original trials car  unlisted 'sharknose'  Marcos  Rob McNair's 1931 Riley Spl
DSCN0589 DSCN0600 IMG 1651 IMG 1656
 John Hancock's 1933 K1 MG  The 1938  Lagonda's engine  Grant Cowie and admirers Danny Ryan's 1919 Lancia Kappa 
 richardpits  annwithboy  redmidget  Norton
 Richard McWhannell #27  Anne Thompson 1906 Darracq GP  Midget  dirt track racer - display  Norton - girder forks
Fom its conception, the design took into consideration both FIA specifications and the views of drivers and teams. Corners and straights were to provide safety, good racing, and spectator enjoyment. The writer of this article enjoyed it. Trackside, overlooking the main straight, is a set of modern apartments built during 2004. Many of these are offered to rent. They accommodate up to six people, who can choose to sit out on the balcony with an uninterrupted view of the circuit and immediate access to the fridge. By Sunday afternon quite a few folks were out on the balconies, looking down over the whole circuit, and  enjoying themselves extremely well.One of these days, so the brochures tell, the complex will include a swimming pool, tennis court, fitness club and restaurant. Ah, the Pacific.
     IMG 1737
    Peter Sundberg (Alfa Romeo, left) and Ann Thompson (1906 Darracq)
The Motormarques team arrived in Richard McWhannell's Suzuki towing his Austin 7 Dieppe Sports car on a hired trailer. We came to a wide 'official' concrete area that was lined with competition cars. A scene of bustling activity. Crews were preparing for the day.A pretty girl dressed in a high-fashion prewar outfit was dashing about on a bicycle delivering official messages from Central Command. An awestruck teenager was helping his father tune the polished engine of his vintage racing car.  Grant Cowie was the centre of an admiring throng. Ann Thompson was lifting children on and off her 1906 Grand Prix Darracq. A jolly chap sitting in a single cylinder car built before the turn of last century was explaining to the press and other onlookers the intricacies of starting and running his five MPH machine.  A 12 seater Renault Charabanc spent the day ferrying sightseers around the pits.And a very swinging Jazz band played Duke Ellington classics fom the 1930s.
IMG 1670 IMG 1712  IMG 1717  IMG 1752 
 Tony Bushell, MG A (left)  1958 Buckler RichardDurber Ian Garmey  1960 Cooper FJ  ? Formula Junior  Richard McWhannell - 1929 AustinAustin 7 Dieppe Sports 
 IMG 1706 IMG 1720   IMG 1788  IMG 1793
 ? Formula Junior  ? Formula Junior  Lancia Leviathon - 1919 Kappa Sport  Ian Williams 1938 Austin 7 Spl
 IMG 1794 IMG 1798   IMG 1805 IMG 1881 
 Oliver Midgeley 1929 Ford Model A  Gerald Watson 1932 Riley 9  Lagonda (left) and  MG   ? Formula Junior
The history of motorsport in New Zealand begins on the south island. Canterbury, was in the lead in organised motorsport as public entertainment in the late 19th century.The organisers (Pioneer Amateur Athletic Club - formed in the 19th Century) held their Annual Gaslight Gala Meeting at Lancaster Park in Christchurch on 13 November, 1901 with accompanying fireworks display and band music. And on this occasion they staged a race for motor vehicles, the first such contest in Australasia. The handicapping was a little awry: the committee being understandably unaware of speed potential of the competing vehicles. The diversified field consisted of four vehicles - a Benz motor car from 200 yards, a motor bicycle 150 yards, a motor quad from 120 yards and a motor tricycle from scratch. "The 5000 or so spectators were treated to a good race which was a triumph for R.H. Every, the man who was riding the motor bicycle, and who started from 150 yards back. He won by 1/4 mile in eleven minutes, 18.2 seconds. There was a tussle for second place, Lowry's quad running 20 yards ahead of Shaw's tricycle." The Benz finished well back.Whilst on the subject of the early history of Austin 7s - Malcolm Campbell took an Austin 7 to Daytona intending to put the speed record up to 100 mph, but succeeded only in reaching 94.3 mph  
       IMG 2322
 1938 V12 Lagonda
Monday, 09 April 2012 21:48
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French Cars from 3 Countries

The idea for this fascinating story was originated by Richard Abey, who recently attended a display in Melbourne, Australia, of classic French cars.   At about the same time that Richard's  photos arrived, Carlos wrote to Motormarques from Italy, with photos of his very pretty Citroen C3.He wrote that he liked the Motormarques website, and that he owns the C3 shown in one of the photos below. It has a new engine, and frame. He invited interested viewers to contact him by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  +39 346 3773614. At about the same time long-time friend, Jean-Pierre Bush sent some photos of Citroen cars he had seen recently at displays. Jean-Pierre'sweb page is a site for sore eyes. - it's what Motormarques sets out to be - something off the beaten track, where people who admire and respect the old and classic style ofmotoring and motor racing can find enough articles and photos to fill an encyclopaedia.
    Photo from Jean-Pierrre Bush. Note the old-style of French number plate - the last 2 figures - 75 - indicating that it was registered in Paris
 MarieJeanneetJP edited-1 DSC02346   citroen c3 dell 27 (3)  salmson-800
 Marie-Jeanne & Jean-Pierre Bush  Richard's photo of Simca   Carlos' Citroen C3 in Italy  Salmson in Melbourne
 DSC02347  peugeot201-L  DSC02381 L  DSC02350
  Peugeot shown in Melbourne   Peugeot 201 in France  Delage    Citroen ?C3 in Melbourne