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Autumn Rob Roy 2012

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            Cool hill - hot times - Rob Roy 22nd April 2012
Nigel Gray - just after turn 1
 There used to be a guy who sang on the wireless about how terrific April showers were because they made the flowers bloom in the Spring. Some classic car drivers in Victoria didn't have the same seasonal instinct, and didn't seem to be all that chirpy about the prospect of rain on the VHRR Hillclimb scheduled for April 22. Ron Simmons resorted to the web; coaxing members to send in entries. “If your Mum turns up with her shopping trolley she will probably get a run,” he wrote.  “Scrutineering commences at 8am on Sunday morning, and we will be accepting entries onthe day." Apparently that did the trick. There was a turnaround, and it looked as though it was going to be a good day after all.

IMG 2397a IMG 2412 IMG 2413 IMG 2466
 Darren Visser (left)  and
David Bell
 Leo Bates (centre)  ? Mike Baker - Elfin Clubman David Bell - back turned - current
owner ex-LouMolina MG TB 

 New DSC02579 New DSC02588   New DSC02589 New DSC02595 
 Ron Simmonds - Mazda MX5  John Elliott - Alpine Renault GTA  Derek McLaughlan - Bolwell Sports   Grant Kelly - Formula Vee
 IMG 2463 IMG 2462   IMG 2460 IMG 2457 
 Colin Sullivan - Lola  Bob Boast - MG TC  Ross Healey - Mallock Mk 2  Nigel Gray - Singer Spl
 New DSC02669 IMG 2448   IMG 2442 IMG 2446 
 Ross Jackson - De Tomaso Pantera  Jim Russell - Ford V8 Spl  David Bell - MG TB  Louise Raper - So-Cal Spl

New DSC02596 New DSC02607  New DSC02610  New DSC02614 
 Grant Kelly - Formula Vee  Martin Stubbs - Auistin 7 Special  Trevor Cole - Austin 7  John Coffin - BSA powered
 New DSC02624  New DSC02633  New DSC02664  New DSC02657
 Darren Visser - Cyclo Air-cooled  Graeme Raper - Monoskate  Leo Bates - Lobito Formula 3  Ross Healey - Mallock Mk 2
 New DSC02578 New DSC02585   New DSC02642 New DSC02644 
 Robert Wilson - MGA  Greg Toogood - Lotus Exige  Phillip Gray - Ford Spl  Louise Draper - S0 Cal Spl

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