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French Cars from 3 Countries

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The idea for this fascinating story was originated by Richard Abey, who recently attended a display in Melbourne, Australia, of classic French cars.   At about the same time that Richard's  photos arrived, Carlos wrote to Motormarques from Italy, with photos of his very pretty Citroen C3.He wrote that he liked the Motormarques website, and that he owns the C3 shown in one of the photos below. It has a new engine, and frame. He invited interested viewers to contact him by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  +39 346 3773614. At about the same time long-time friend, Jean-Pierre Bush sent some photos of Citroen cars he had seen recently at displays. Jean-Pierre'sweb page is a site for sore eyes. - it's what Motormarques sets out to be - something off the beaten track, where people who admire and respect the old and classic style ofmotoring and motor racing can find enough articles and photos to fill an encyclopaedia.
    Photo from Jean-Pierrre Bush. Note the old-style of French number plate - the last 2 figures - 75 - indicating that it was registered in Paris
 MarieJeanneetJP edited-1 DSC02346   citroen c3 dell 27 (3)  salmson-800
 Marie-Jeanne & Jean-Pierre Bush  Richard's photo of Simca   Carlos' Citroen C3 in Italy  Salmson in Melbourne
 DSC02347  peugeot201-L  DSC02381 L  DSC02350
  Peugeot shown in Melbourne   Peugeot 201 in France  Delage    Citroen ?C3 in Melbourne

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