MotorMarques Team

MotorMarques Team

Tuesday, 16 October 2012 04:12
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Pop Cross by Pedro Bessa

From Portugal with a hug. The POP CROSS was a form of sport automobile that appeared in Europe at the beginning of the 70s and catering exclusively to a model automobile. The Citroen 2CV and its derivatives, the Dyane and Mehari.
Tuesday, 19 January 2021 10:20
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Seeliger Vauxhall

The Seeliger Vauxhall was built by Ern Seeliger in 1949-1950. It used a 1930's Vauxhall 14 / 6 cylinder engine bored to 2 litres with 3 zenith downdraught carburettors, Lancia Lambda gearbox and a modified Ford SV differential with a homemade DeDion rear suspension based on Citroen light 6 components and torsion bars. The front suspension was a transverse leaf independent setup and used again a Citroen light 6 rack and pinion steering arrangement. The chassis was a twin tube ladder type and the car used Lancia Lambda wheels and mechanical brakes. The Seeliger car is detailed in Hank Van Flink's Racing Cars and Hot Rods of the World.
Monday, 18 June 2012 08:42
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Winton 2012 - Part 3

Around the garages - 36th Historic Winton 26th & 27th May 2012 Please note that all these images are subject to Copyright. Please Contact us or Register with us for further information.
Wednesday, 09 May 2012 00:20
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RACV - Display 2012

Photography Richard Abey.  
  New DSC02888
  Aston Martin
AMOC records of Classic Cars  When the Motor Registration Act - Victoria, Australia - was passed in 1909, all motor vehicles were assigned a unique number. In trying to trace an engine in a vehicle for originality or history, the AOMC database may be a useful resource as it records this detail.Many historic vehicles purchased as a restoration project might not have had registration details supplied and the AOMC records may provide sufficient evidence to prove previous Victorian registration.
Sunday, 06 May 2012 02:45
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Motormarques revisits Rob Roy 2002

For ten or more years Motormarques has been presenting photos of Classic Cars from all over the world. In resuming the 'Bill's Corner' section of the great, but now discontinued, UK site Motorsnippets, the objective of Motormarques was to revive and preserve images of classic cars and their drivers that might otherwise fade from view if not from memory. That objective still holds. Following on from the Richard Abey, Bill Hunter report of the VHRR Trident Cup meeting at Rob Roy on 22 April 2012,  I have chosen part of a set of Motormarques photos taken at Rob Roy, Victoria, Australia, on 10 February, 2002.Readers, locations, machines and drivers are clearly not what they used to be. But the life of them will be preserved for as long as we're able. 
   Few drivers in the world of classic car racing can match Trevor Cole's ability and success that have been admired for over half a century.
                                                  As always - click on the small images to get the enlarged image.
  DSCF4604 S DSCF4610 S DSCF4612 S DSCF4613 S
   This is how Rob Roy used to look.  Even in drought it was magic.  I don't know the names of drivers  Nor even of their cars.
  DSCF4614 S DSCF4616 S DSCF4617 S DSCF4615 S
   Some cars - everyone remembers.  But not always the modifications  My photos were/are not always brilliant.  But many people in them will remember.
  DSCF4619 S DSCF4620 S DSCF4623 S DSCF4624 S
  Rob Roy is often cold and damp.  The personalities always cheerful.  I guess this is Leo Bates' car  It held the hillclimb record
  DSCF4626 S DSCF4627 S DSCF4628 S DSCF4629 S
   Straight out competition cars  Or road-registered sports cars  They always have been magic Like Norm Beechey they just keep on going.
  DSCF4630 S DSCF4636 S DSCF4631 S DSCF4633 S
   I need help here  There was a Lotus Exige at the VHRR meeting on 22 April 2012  I think this is a Berkeley  Mini near turn 1
   DSCF4639 S  DSCF4641 S  DSCF4643 S  DSCF4642 S
   I think this is the Lancia Ford Splthat Bill Redpath drives   And I think this is Bil Redpath  Holden driven by Webster - I'mjust going on the signwriting  Don Kinsey (with microphone) is oneof the everlasting personalities andcompetitors.