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Big day at Rob Roy 17 August 2014

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The administraton of Motormarques has changed the way that readers can access our site. Our commitment to classic cars, drivers, and admirers  remains as strong as ever - so,  thanks for staying with us - I believe we will continue to improve and attract even bigger numbers of readers and supporters.
Fair dinkum, you wouldn't read about it. But grey skies, cold winds, and not  great deal of publicity only encouraged a gi-normous crowd of entrants and spectators to attend the Vintage Sports Car Club of Victoria's Historic Rob Roy Hill Climb for 2014. 
Just look at our photos!
To begin with, take the 1st image - top left - showing the intriguing independent rear suspension on the old Lancia Special. The car is very fast, thanks to this modification made by a recognisable human - not by electronics and cathode ray analytics. 
Spend a moment looking at the engineering that has gone into car No 458 - the 1938 Chrysler Special. It'isn't a thing of beauty perhaps, but it is a real car that has been made to a high state of tune by people rather than an operator blasting off on an unknown galactic mission.
A quick glance at the faces of spectators behind the Armco safety barrier gives a clue to the noise of the howling cyl engine.
It's got that old-time Speedway atmosphere - people don't always get a kick out of being left out of the picture altogether (except for paying the you-beaut entrance money)
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