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Phillip Island Cavalcade

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Phillip Island Cavalcade of Invited Sports and Racing Cars before WWII    
Photos:Julia Foletta and  Martin Stubbs©Dacre Stubbs Collection.  Video: Bill Hunter  
As part of the Phillip Island Historic Meeting this year, and part of the 80th Anniversary of the Australian Grand Prix, some 80 Pre-War cars were invited to participate in a demonstration run of two laps of 10 km each of the old Grand Prix circuit. The old track has since been returned to general public use as part of the Phillip Island public road system, but as the video shows, the surface, although sealed, is pretty ordinary. But for all that the old cars, which were officially constrained to a speed of 80 km/h.were able to dodge under the radar and reach 100 km/h at spots. The event, which caused the organisers some nail-biting suspense about the likely success of the Cavalcade, turned out to be a crowd pleaser. Hundreds of cheering spectators lined the route, and when the grand old machines were lined up in the seaside township of Cowes, you could scarcely move for the crush.
 Graeme Lowe, 1936 Alta Sports
 Ian Mawson, 1935 MG PB 938cc/Sc  Unknown owner - MG
 The Austin 7 Island crew:L/R Bill
Hunter, Peter Langford, Max Robinson'
John Heagney, Bill Morling, Bob Booth
 The Logans: Austin 7 'Latrobe' Sports  Mike Hipkins, 30-98 Vauxhall
 Bill Morling & Bob Booth Austin 7
 Colin Kirkptrick, Amilcar/Riley 1500cc
Supercharged Sports/Racing
 Graeme Jackson. 1933 MG J2 847cc
 Cavalcade display at Cowes -
L/R Martin Stubbs, Basil Van Dongen,
Bill Hunter & Pip amongst Austin 7s 
 Cavalcade at Cowes - Julia Foletta
& Pip - Photo from Julia Foletta
Cavalcade at Cowes - Roger Rayson's
1928 Invicta, 4.5 litre 
Cavalcade at Cowes -
 Andrew Green & Mark Burns -
Alvis 12/50S
 Cavalcade over for the year - Martin
Stubbs, 1928 Austin 7 Sports/Racing
 Trevor Cole (Right) in deep and
meaningful discussion with
Bill Hunter

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