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Dacre Stubbs Photo Collection - Page 8

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From the Dacre Stubbs Collection©photos: Dacre Stubbs Collection - Martin Stubbs This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Madresfield Court Speed Trials 1947 Malvern Worcs. U.K. 1947
 Above: Cecil Clutton commentating

  Above: E.A.R. Landon, Alfa Romeo
2.6  litre Monza, reg' No FYE 7
 Above: L/R Earl Beauchamp, Lady
Claud Hamilton, Hon Mrs Ward,
Forrest Lycett, Countess
Beauchamp, Sir Victor Sassoon,
Hon George Ward.
  Above: Dr Mounsell, Frazer Nash 1.5
litre, reg' No DMY 760
  Above: J.H.Tick, Lagonda, reg'
No: GP 895
  Above: G.N. Richardson,
Bugatti Type 37.
Reg' No FWP 556
 Above: G.N.Richardson, Bugatti
Type 37. Reg' No: FWP 556
Above: R. Bickerton, Frazer Nash
Reg' No EMK 822
  Above: M. Vaughan, Delage DIS
Reg' No. PE 3835
 Above: Sanderson, Delage DIS
Reg' No DR3634
  Above: Austin 7 'Ulster' Reg' No
LJ 4831
  Above: G.M. Crozier. Mercedes
Benz S.S. Reg' No UV 5430
  Above: Gordon Woods, Frazer Nash
Reg' No ALO 300
  Above: Harry Bickerton,
Frazer Nash Reg' No CMT 744
  Above:Dr Rowland John,
Frazer Nash
Reg' No CMX 238
  Above: P. Wakefield, Frazer Nash
Reg' No FK 8729
  Above: John G. Hay,
Frazer Nash Reg'  No DTC 374
  Above: M. Finnemore, Frazer Nash
Reg' No AMT 413
  Above: S.M.G. Sprague, Daimler
Reg' No YL 8780
Madresfield Court
Speed Trials
Above: Noel Highton,
Aston Martin
'International' Reg' No JN 305
  Above: Lagonda Reg' No GK 3255  
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