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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 01:55

Legend Boucles de Spa - February 2013

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Written by Guus Docen       Photographs by Maurice Volmeyer (                                                                                                                                                                                The original Boucles de Spa rally was held between 1953 and 1990 in the Belgium Ardennes area and was well known for its typically snowy conditions. The Legend Boucles de Spa is the historic version and one of the biggest historic rally events in Europe. Just like the original rally the Legend event is held in the countryside outside the town of Spa in Belgium. The field of participants is growing year by year and participating are the biggest names from the world of rallying like Didier Auriol, Björn Waldegaard, British rally champion Gwyndaf Evans, WRC drivers Per-Gunnar Andersson, Thierry Neuville and twice winner of the 24-Hours of Le Mans, Andre Lotterer.
Monday, 26 November 2012 02:02

BRM Day - Bourne  7th October 2012

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Carol Corliss                                                                                                                                                            As one of the organising committee of the day, I cannot give an entirely unbiased and objective version of the event, but even allowing for any exaggeration, it was a splendid day, made up of the input of drivers, car owners and the public combining to create an electric atmosphere which lit up this small market town for a moment in history.As some will remember, we had organised a similar event in 1999 to mark a triple anniversary of Raymond May’s centenary, 50 years of BRM and 65 years of ERA. That event began in our minds as maybe a static display of the cars in a town centre car park and maybe a dinner and exhibition of artifacts.  Like Topsy, it grew and grew and our somewhat tentative enquiry regarding the streets being closed off, was to our surprise given the o.k., and the whole characteristic mode of the day changed. The resulting spectacle of the cars running through the town was considered a great success and an exhausted committee of 5 practically collapsed in a heap and said “Never Again!”