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MotorMarques Team

Sunday, 03 December 2006 19:43
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McWhannell, Richard

Text and photos - Richard McWhannell The full history of the Austin Seven CMC Dieppe Sports Model is still being written. But for the purpose of getting the record straight, here are some facts (where lines are blurred and truth tampered with just occasionally).   
Thursday, 21 September 2006 18:45
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New Zealand Archives - Part 1

New Zealand Motor Racing Photos from 1922 to 1946 This new contribution comes from artist Richard McWhannell and John Hearne - 'doyen of vintage motor sport in New Zealand'. A modern view of the beach shown in the photos can be found by clicking on this Muriwai Beach, link.  You might also like to enjoy this link on Modern racing in New Zealand.
Wednesday, 23 August 2006 15:51
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Peter D'Abbs - Motorsports photographer

Peter D’Abbs - Motor Sport Photographer, 1921-2006 By Martin Stubbs with the assistance of his widow, Judith D’Abbs. Peter’s career in the photographic industry and his passion for motor sport photography probably started quite by accident early in 1948 when he met Dacre Stubbs who likewise had recently migrated to Australia after the war. Dacre was just establishing his commercial photographic business and had a shared interest in vintage cars and motor sport. He encouraged Peter’s growing interest in photography and in the possibility of combining this with motor racing. Peter soon mastered the necessary skills to eventually become a leading motor sport photographer starting in 1956 with the Melbourne Olympic Grand Prix at Albert Park. Over the subsequent 40 year period he amassed approximately 180,000 images, mostly shot at Victorian events including what has probably become his most famous image, the start of the 1958 Melbourne Grand Prix.  
Tuesday, 22 August 2006 06:36
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The Vintage Sports Car Club Bob Gerard Memorial Trophy Meeting at Mallory Park, Leicestershire

Text & Photos by Carol Corliss                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This privately owned gem of a circuit nestling in the Leicestershire countryside prides itself on the term “The Friendly Circuit”.   This is not a fancyful claim, the set up of the staff and personnel staffing it make a visit there a pleasant taste of what racing was like right up into the early sixties in the U.K.  Most of the staff are long serving, a good example is Gwen who has been a cheerful presence in the cafeteria for over 25 years. 
Sunday, 13 August 2006 18:22
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Citroën Rosalie long-distance and speed records October 1932.

Research by J-P Bush.   In 1932 a stock model 8 hp Citroen set an extraordinary record, never since been beaten, of travelling 300 000 km in 134 days at an average speed of 93 km/h. A 1932 newspaper described the exploits of the Citroen C6G, otherwise known popularly as a Little Rosalie, a name which will be well known to Citroen enthusiasts.