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A friend of Motormarques has sent the following link that brings to light the development from 1899 of the automobile industry. You may need to cut and paste the link below to get to the Wikipedia article.


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Memories of Brooklands - Page 2

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I retraced my steps and contacted the Central Garage where the car was being kept. Immediately I set eyes upon it I knew this was what I wanted and after a examination with an engineer as to its condition, I purchased the beauty. The Aston seemed perfect in all respects, but required more ‘running in’. I wasted no time in a visit to Brooklands where I obtained a room, or rather Bertram did this at the Queens Head. On the way down I visited the Aston Martin factory which was on my route from London to Byfleet to have the car checked over. In the course of this visit I met Gordon Sutherland the joint director of the company as well as the other direc­tor, Cesare Bertelli, the actual designer of the 1 1/2-litre Aston. All this was very reassuring and gave me confidence that I could not have chosen a better vehicle for my particular purpose.
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