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Editorial 24

A friend of Motormarques has sent the following link that brings to light the development from 1899 of the automobile industry. You may need to cut and paste the link below to get to the Wikipedia article.


Sunday, 21 April 2013 23:14

Your car - your name.

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Use the SEARCH bar (directly above) for events, drivers and cars.Type a name and press enter. Use the How to input content function in the yellow bar above.
Thursday, 21 March 2013 05:12

MG TC - Forde Bros

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Photo: Barry Quantrell.   -TC enthusiasts Harry and Val Forde started constructing the Forde Brothers special in 1957.It entered its first race in 1962 and still carries a Cams historic classification log book.  -The concept was based on Harry Firth's TC, the chassis being offset on the driver's side. This gains a seating position below the chassis line and keeps the height of the car low. The diff banjo has had 100mm taken off the left side and 100mm added to the right side.  -The engine and gear box have been offset in order to line up with the diff. The gearbox is standard and the engine is bored out to 1380 CC. The head has been ported as per the tuning section in Blower (the MG Tuning Bible). The supercharger is a period TC accessory; a Marshall Nordec 175 geared to give 7lb boost at 4000 RPM plus.  -The carburettor is a dual bowl SU and the engine runs on straight methanol.The car weighs in at 610 kg.Gary Grant of Geelong restored the car to its present condition in early 1982.The car is currently owned by Mike and Jenny Killingsworth.
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