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Rennmax sports and racing cars

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Bill Hunter

Rennmax was an Australian racing and sports car marque built by Bob Britton in Sydney between 1962 and 1978.

When Formula Two racing was established in 1964, Australian cars like Elfin, Lynx, Nota, Rennmax and Brabham were in strong demand.
Rennmax  (Renn German for race, Max from maximum) racing and sports car were built by Bob Britton in Sydney between 1962 and 1978. 
   rennmax_23B_S.jpg  rennmax_BN2_S.jpg

The first Rennmax chassis had running gear from a 1959 Cooper. It was fast and agile, and was capable of beating such machines as Lotus 20B, Cooper Climax and BRM. The first output was six Formula Junior and 1.5 litre cars. Then followed  nine Formula V cars during 1965 – 66..
As the firm’s reputation and output grew, Alex Mildren had a Maserati-powered Rennmax.  Max Stewart had a Rennmax with the Twin Cam Ford Engine in which he won the 1967 Australian Formula Two championship. The company also supplied complete chassis and suspension parts for cars such as the Matich SR3 and the Mildren Waggott.  Bob Jane and  Denny Hulme used Rennmax chassis
13 Rennmax BN4s were built in 1969.  .
In 1970 Rennmax produced a sports car with a 4.4 litre Repco V8 engine, which finished second in the 1971 Australian Sports Car Championship.  

In 1974 Rennmax built BN7 Formula 2 cars, and in 1975 built 12 completely new Formula Vs. 
The company ceased production in 1978.
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