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40th Historic Winton

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Fine Autumn weather, brilliant facilities, and a fabulous program of historic cars and motorcycles drew great crowdsto Winton Raceway inon 28 and 28 May 2016.
Winton is not far from the New South Wales/Victoria border, which is to say just under 300 km north of Melbourne. Our departure time from Geelong was 0830. At that hour, it looked like being a perfect Autumn day. We arrived at the circuit about 11.00, and as Bary Humphries usedto say 'We had a little trouble parking the vehicle, because there was the biggest crowd of cars and people I've ever seen at a historic Winton before. Evidently the historic car movements is growing in popularity. (But there was none of the big Television Circus that turns up for the great Touring Car events that have drawn spectators from all over the country.

The grand parade had just begun - including an interesting 'horseless carriage' - the Schact. This is an American automobile made some time between 1905 to 1908 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

There were a good many motorcycles too, including a 1925 Indian Altoona, a 1935 Velocette, a 1938 Ariel Red Hunter, a 1937 Anzani and 1937 Rudge special.

Key to Images:

Top to bottom, Left to right.

Row 1 - Schacht horselessa carriage,   Fiat,   Jaguar XK 120,   Vauxhall (car N0 7)

Row 2 - Austin 7 non-competitor (note stepping plat for passenger to inser self into machine!),   Schacht,    John Caire, AusFordSpecial,   Brendan Dillon  1935 GN Special.

Row 3. - Ford V8, Peter Wilson,    Austin 7, Stuart Krug,    Unknown - ?SAS Spl    Ford T Special 191.,  

Row 4. Alvis 12/50 - Mark Burns.

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