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Mornington 2010

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Photos Martin Stubbs & Richard Abey  

Over the years, Motormarques has collected  thousands of images of classic cars from all over the world. It is a resource that is freely available to readers and collectors.   One matter of paramount importance is the need for reliable information about the machines. We can usually provide the make and year of  cars, but more detailed information can only be had from the people who own or are or have been associated with them. What technical details can be had? Where are the cars now? What is their history? What stories lie behind the images?   For the magnificent display at Mornington, Victoria, Australia, we have deliberately omitted captions to photographs for the time being. We are inviting our readers to contribute  information that will make this and any other of our pages an even more valuable resource. Please click on this link where you can make contributions and get involved in the development of Motormarques as a source of information and satisfaction.      


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