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Historic Sandown 2007

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Text and Photos: Martin Stubbs
  Historic Sandown - November 2007
 Max Pearson QLD, 1968 Mildren Waggott AMF1, 1850cc., proceeding to marshalling area.
(Group O Racing 1500-3000cc).

This year, Historic Sandown again
provided a kaleidoscope of sound and colour. For the vintage and PVT enthusiasts, entrants seemed to be down from previous years. Does this indicate that this event is changing, representing a more modern group of historic cars perhaps?  I can understand that maybe the pre-war and post-war participants, Group J and K, and those with slower cars might find a high speed circuit like Sandown not a particularly interesting track to drive on. With two long straights, where in the first few hundred metres you can be up to your top speed and then be left thinking how long will it take me to get to the next corner? For faster cars, after the initial first lap when there is some sorting out taking place, it then becomes a bit of a procession as positions become established. Drivers understandably, then start to short shift, easing off enough to comfortably maintain a gap to the car behind, why stress your car when you don’t have to?

Putting those small disappointments aside, Historic Sandown is still provides a great days entertainment for spectators and still pulls in good crowds. It is also an opportunity to catch up with fellow enthusiasts, wether competing or just socializing. In my case, it was meeting Bill Revill with his ‘Trowbridge’ Formula Vee down from NSW, Bill and I share the same philosophy, we like to keep our motorsport simple. He writes contributions for ‘Vintage Racecar’ magazine, and we at Motormarques are keen to get him on board to be another representative of activities in NSW.  
 Adrian Brooks, 1947 MG TC Bill
Pile Special, 1347cc.
 Rosemary Trevethan
 / Paul Trevethan, 1973
MGB GTV8, 4600cc
Bob Cracknell, 1969 Elfin
600B, 1600cc., proceeding to
marshalling area. (Group O
Racing 1500-3000cc).
 Vince Holland QLD, 1982 Ralt RT4,
1600cc., in pit area
 D’arcy Russell, 1972 Lola T330,
5000cc., in pit area
 R/L: George Hetrel, 1927
Bugatti 35c, 1910cc., s/c.
John Heagney, 1937 Austin 7,
803cc., (Group J & K 0 - 1500cc).
Don Thallon QLD, 1959 Lister Jaguar
LM, 3800cc.(Group Lb Sports
over 1500cc)
   R/L: Mark Johnson, 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera,
2687cc., Rohan Hodges, 1968 Lotus Elan,
1594cc. (Groups Sc 2000 - 3000cc &
Sb 0 - 2000cc).
 Sean Whelan SA, 1987 Ralt RT4,
1600cc. DNF. Group R Racing}
   R/L: Jim Russell, 1935/39 Ford, 4225cc. Peter Costelow, 1949 MG
TC Special, 1366cc., s/c.,(Groups K over 1500cc & Lb Racing
0 - 1500cc).
 R/L: Terry White, 1947 MG TC, 1308cc., s/c.
Shane Bowden, 1958 Prad Holden, 2262cc.,
(Group Lb Sports 0 - 1500cc & over 1500cc).
   Phil Marrinon, 1982 Galoway HG5, 1598cc.,
Brian Johns, 1977 Royale RP24, 1600cc.
(Group R & Q Formula Ford).
 R/L: Vince Holland QLD, 1982 Ralt RT4,
1600cc. Unknown F5000, 5000cc.
(Group R Racing & F5000)
   Brent Trengrove, 1964 Holden EH, 2990cc.
David Belford, 1970 Porsche 911, 2273cc.
Steven White, 1972 Mazda RX2, 2400cc.
(Group Nb & Nc)
Start of Touring Cars Group C & A event
 Robert Tweedie NSW, 1992 Ford Sierra RS500, 1993cc. Roderick Markland NSW, 1988 Nissan Skyline HR31, 1990cc. (Touring Cars Group A. 0 - 2000cc)   Michael Russo, 1964 Alexis Mk6, 1498cc. Ian Ross NSW, 1969 MRC Mk11 Repco Brabham, 5000cc. (Group M Racing 0 - 1500cc & O Sports over 3000cc)
 Max Warwick, 1964 McLaren M1A, 4800cc. Laurie Bennett, 1970 Elfin 600B, 1600cc. (Group M Sports over 3000cc & O Racing 1500 - 3000cc)    

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