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Corliss, Carol

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Carol is a life-long “Petrol-Head”.  The fascination began at a very early age with an interest in anything on wheels.  Initially sitting on a roller skate and breezing down the steep path and landing fairly regularly in the large rose bush which grew on the corner. Because of this habit of shooting around on anything that moved, the family nickname of Fangio developed, later shortened to Fan.   
Inevitably cars came onto the scene and in her early twenties, Carol was fortunate enough to acquire the 1929 1750SS Alfa Romeo that she still has.  With many years of enjoyment of the car including racing, rallying and general road use it has recently undergone a rebuilt which included fitting a Zagato type spyder body. This was carefully fashioned to existing drawings and every effort has been made to ensure the correct details.
With a very broad experience in dealing with vintage/historic vehicles Carol has been employed by auction houses for assessment, valuation and cataloguing work she also carries out P.R., work within the sport and industry.  Other than these activities, she does of course write for motor magazines on a freelance basis.

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