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Bugatti Type 51A   The Type 51A was a further development of the Type 35s and this car was delivered to London in 1926 as a Type 35 where it was converted to a Type 51A. It was purchased by Henry Dale in Paris in 1951 from the first owner in a disassembled state and then shipped to Peter Dale in Melbourne Australia. I gather the car was re-assembled in Melbourne but I have no record of it being run in any events other than at the Easter Bathurst  in 1951 driven by Lynden Duckett. Peter Dale then set about its rebuild by organizing a team of well known enthusiasts to undertake the work which included Lyndon Duckett, Earl Davey-Milne and Bob Baker.
My father who photographed many of the 'Dale' cars that came to Australia in this period and he took these photos of its re-construction. I well remember the day that as a 11 year old boy when Bob Baker took me for run 'around the block' in this car, something never to be forgotten. Further information about this Bugatti is documented in the book written by Bob King 'Bugattis in Australasia' and it now resides in the French National Automobile Museum.
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