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Rob Roy Historic Hill Climb 2015. Part 1

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Rob Roy is one of the oldest and longest - running hill climbs in the history of motor sport. It attracts what may be called classical historic - or at any rate old and interesting - sports and racing cars. 
Its location is in the Christmas Hills in Victoria - an hour's drive from the city of Melbourne. 
The 5 oldest cars at the event covered in this story were classified as Edwardian. (Model T Fords from 1915 and 1917; a 1919 Sunbeam, and two 1918 Vauxhall Type D.)
Featured in the entries list also were: Austins, Alvis, Bentley, Bugatti, Ford, Frazer Nash, GN, Lagonda, MG, Morris, Talbot, Triumph, Riley, Singer and Vauxhall - ranging from 1923 to1965, 
What was also important was the presence of other magnificen machines owned/driven by spectators passing through the turnstiles. 
(Actually, the word "turnstiles" is a euphemism for paying your entrance money to the bloke at the little tin shed on the entry area) 

Order of images:
Top Row (left to right)
Car No 7: Conor Ryan - Vauxhall type D 1918
Car No 56: Louis Santin - Sunbeam 1919
Car No 70: Phillip Hallo - Austin 7 1930
Car No 50: John Marriott - Austin 7 1937

Second Row
Car No 11: Jim Russell - Ford 1939
Car No 5: Marcus Clayton - Triumph 1963
Car No 8: Terry Forrerst - JSR 1953
Car No 134: Jim Lawrence - Ford 1934

Other videos of the track and of previous events may be found at:

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