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Phillip Island Part 2

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                               Main Photographer - Lucas Hunter 
                                                   The begining
New IMGP4345 New IMGP4346 New IMGP4347 New IMGP4350
 Singer Car Club  Alfa Romeo 1750   4 Cyl engine  Red Flag incident
New IMG 1435 New IMGP4369 New IMGP4360 New IMGP4364
 Riley (left) and MG TC Spanish/French - Hispano Suiza Austin Healey  Lamborghini
New IMG 1423 New IMG 1424 New IMG 1426 New IMGP4368
 Bugatti 8 Cyl Engine - Type 35 (?)  TV star and admirers  The Bird
PhillipIsPt2 end 
                                                    And the End 

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