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Saturday, 02 December 2006 21:08

Martin Stubbs at Sandown

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Sandown Historic Meeting ‘Return of the Thunder’ 11/11/2006

Text and photos by Martin Stubbs

As you enter the gates to the pit area for this annual event, you walk into a kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and sounds, a rich array of different marques representing motorsport from the 20s through to a 2005 Westfield Clubman. Each year Historic Sandown seems to attract over 300 entries, not only past competitors but always a crop of new ones to avoid repetition and to keep stimulating public interest. The feature event was ‘Return of the Thunder’, Australia verses New Zealand Formula 5000 clash consisting of 19 entries, providing spectators in the grandstand with a ‘wall of sound’ from the stock block 5.0 litre V8 engines as they swept past. In the last few years there has been a revival of the Formula 5000 Tasman series racing in new Zealand and Australia, and we can only be grateful for the dedication of the owners of these cars in still competing at a top level at what must be considerable cost of maintenance and with enthusiasm to keep these ageing cars running. Another feature was the display of Cooper cars on the concourse between the pits and the grandstand, these included a number of early air cooled 500s, a 1952 Cooper-Bristol Mk1, Jack Brabham’s 1959 ‘World Championship’ Cooper and a Cooper BRM T75. John Goss, the only driver to win both Bathurst and the Australian Grand Prix was this years Historic Sandown Patron and as well as doing some of the presentations he also did a couple of demonstration laps in one of the restored Jaguar XJS racers. Rather than try to describe the event I have let a selection of my images convey the atmosphere of Historic Sandown, anyone wishing to obtain copies or view all the images shot at this event should contact motormarques.com by registering or myself at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Above: Paul Fellows, 1977 Farrell
 Above: Paul Crocitti, 1996 DRB Cobra  Above: 1972 Elfin MR5
 Above: Peter Bartolo, 2006 Westfield  Above: Harold Roberts, 1969
Elfin 600
 Above:Rohan Carry, 1980
Hardman JH1
 Above: Ken Bedggood, 1966
Brabham BT16
 Above: Hugh Gartley, 1973 Cheetah
Mk 4
 Above: 'Holding Pattern', Jonathan
Williamson. 1962 Loyus 22 FJ
 Above: ‘Patience’, drivers briefing  Above: ‘Dangerous curves’, 1983
Lola T594 and 1983 Tiga SC83
 Above: ‘Waiting to perform’, 2006
Pusher and 1976 Van Dieman
 Above: Warwick Anderson, 1934
MG L Type Offenhauser
 Above: Marque Sports racing, 1965
MG Midget and 1972 MGBV8
 Above: ‘Return of the Thunder’,
Formula 5000 racing

 Above: Historic Coopers on display  Above: Jack Brabham’s 1959
‘World championship’ Cooper
 Above: Todd Miller’s 1952
Cooper-Bristol Mk1
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