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Friday, 28 August 2009 20:04

37th Oldtimer Grand Prix Nürburgring 7-9 August 2009

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There’s a saying: When you can’t see the Nürburg-tower, the weather is too bad for racing, when you can see it then it won’t be long before bad weather arrives.  Friday was a very warm and sunny day but by Saturday-morning the whole Nürburgring-Area was wrapped in a thick fog, so the organisation skipped all the morning action and decided to start racing around noon, but in fact the fog did not clear for the whole day, so practice and timing for the next races was cancelled. With visibility less than 100 meters at some points of the track racing was still dangerous. Many drivers took care, but some others drove like maniacs. Spectators could barely see the track from the grandstands, but the paddocks and many clubstands were accessible so many enjoyed themselves.   
Tuesday, 21 July 2009 22:29

Spa-Summer Classic 2009 - 3-5 July 2009

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High temperatures and loads of sunshine stimulated the second Summer Classic at Spa-Francorchamps to be an excellent raceweekend. Sunday-afternoon around three o clock the clouds burst open and it rained for just half an hour. Shortly afterwards the sun was shining again. Highlights of this event were the Spa 250 Miles on Saturday and the Long Distance Cup on Sunday. At Spa it’s the pure engine-power and drivers skills and bravery which counts. Just watch a car entering Eau Rouge from the balcony of the old pitboxbuilding and listen if the driver keeps the pedal to the floor ! 
Thursday, 11 September 2008 15:57

V.S.C.C. Prescott Hillclimb - 2nd/3rd August 2008

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This event could only happen in England, the camping, picnics, some delectable old cars and mellow evenings nursing a glass (Orange juice, of course). Couple that with the fierce compulsion to go up that hill quicker than your peers and you have the recipe for a weekend that is the vintageants idea of heaven. This summer being a little less soggy than last year, the local villages had not been flooded out and therefore the possibility of accessing the venue by boat did not arise.