Tuesday, 04 July 2006 20:26
in Marques

Renault 4cv (1950s)

Written by  J-P Bush
Bill Hunter (Motormarques) did a journey in a green Citroën 4CV with Claude Savatier and J-P Bush in October 2007.  The restoration of a Renault 4CV in Coussay Les Bois. This beautiful car is now driving in the roads of Touraine (November 2008) registered 569 - S 86, painted black. 
The images above are taken from French clubs, and in particular the 'Teuf-Teuf' club in Chinon, in the Touraine district - whose principal city is Tours. All, of course, are of the 4cv introduced just after WW II. There are many clubs throughout the world dedicated to this great classic. Information in French about the green 1953 Renault 4CV: http://lecruchon2.free.fr/1953_Renault_4Cv.htm

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