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Tuesday, 13 March 2012 05:01
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Phillip Island Part 2

                               Main Photographer - Lucas Hunter 
                                                   The begining
New IMGP4345 New IMGP4346 New IMGP4347 New IMGP4350
 Singer Car Club  Alfa Romeo 1750   4 Cyl engine  Red Flag incident
New IMG 1435 New IMGP4369 New IMGP4360 New IMGP4364
 Riley (left) and MG TC Spanish/French - Hispano Suiza Austin Healey  Lamborghini
New IMG 1423 New IMG 1424 New IMG 1426 New IMGP4368
 Bugatti 8 Cyl Engine - Type 35 (?)  TV star and admirers  The Bird
PhillipIsPt2 end 
                                                    And the End 
Monday, 12 March 2012 02:29
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Phillip Island Festival of Motor Sport 2012

The place to be in Australia this autumn - during the weekend  9th - 11th March 2012 - was Phillip Island, Victoria.Over 500 fabulous cars were entered in 47 events, and hundreds of the most desirable cars from all over the world were there for the 2012 Festival of Motor Sport.
IMG 0760
 The Island is 140km from Melbourne, and the drive is supposed to take an hour and 30 minutes. Along the Highway I spotted an AC Cobra, a Morgan 3 wheeler, all kinds and ages of Alfa Romeo, two or three Testa Rossa, Porsche, Maserati, MG Magnette, TC-TF, TR2, Aston Martin, General Motors and Fords, a pair of XK 120, and a couple of Bugatti. It was going to be a Festival all right.Here is a glimpse of some of the competitors in the Classic tradition. 
New IMG 0763 New IMG 1126 New IMG 1131 New IMG 1138
 Victoria Le Gallais - BrabhamBT15 Formula 3  Wayne Sayers - 1960 Elfin (blue)P. McKnight - Aarons Lotus (green)    Tony Osborne - 1958 Simca Spl  Thomas Benson - 1952 BMH Spl'Comic Book'  2200 cc 
New IMG 1156 New IMG 1160 New IMG 1199 New IMG 1204
 Monoskate - Graeme Raper  Mac Healey - Graeme Marks  Cooper Climax T 45 - ScottyTaylor   TS Special - Charlie Mitchell
more text followed by 2nd of 3 sets of frames
New IMG 1210 New IMG 1216 New IMG 1251 New IMG 1282
 Dick O'Keefe - Photon (Lotus 11)  John Anderson - 1962 Cooper Butler 1496 cc  Nigel Gray - Singer Special Sports  Alfa Romeo 6C -Trevor Montgomery
New IMG 1284 New IMG 1301 New IMG 1315 New IMG 1325
 Des Donnan's FN Boulogne   John Rundell - 1953 Maybach 2  Ferrari Tipo 500 Bruce Jones - Ford Zephyr Spl
   IMG 1502
 Michael Stupka - Citroen 11D
New IMG 1359 New IMG 1362 New IMG 1364 New IMG 1366
 Bob Pinkerton - 1955 Peugeot Spl  Bill Prowse - 1968 Alfa Ricciardi Spyder  Kent Patrick - Bugatti 37A GP  Geoff Burton - Brabham BT 29
  Click here for more photos in Part 2
Monday, 23 January 2012 06:51
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Roycroft Trophy 2012 New Zealand

                 Roycroft Trophy New Zealand  -  14 & 15 April 2012                                           By courtesy Richard McWhannell
                                                     A selection of vintage cars (classes – pre and post war)A selection of vintage motorbikesLive Jazz entertainmentOperational steam and traction enginesVintage speedway midget displaysDrivers, Riders and Teams all in period clothingA collection of trade stands with Antiques, art work, wine and delectable cuisine                                                                                                                                      
                     Roycroft poster2012 billboard (Medium)
Monday, 28 November 2011 02:02
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Rob Roy last event for 2011

Richard Abey, Martin Stubbs and Bill Hunter. Rob Roy is about 200 km from where I live. I always have trouble finding my way there, specially with new roadworks, traffic diversions and ring roads skirting Melbourne these days. I had to use the Sat nav to get me to the Yarra Valley, Christmas Hills and Clintons Roadwhere the hillclimb has been located since 1938. Today's meeting was promoted and conducted by the MG Car Club Victoria.The weather did not look promising last Sunday 26 November. Heavy rain had fallen all the previous day, and I needed the windscreen wipers much of the time.John Coffin made a comment: " When I got here yesterday," he said, "the rain was horizontal, and this morning I heard something that I have not heard in years. It was the little creek behind us there running at full level. "Another bloke said he saw a wombat down there. That must have been quite a sight.Paul Schilling tried to start his Kawasaki-powered air-cooled car. The engine refused to start. The team cleaned the carburettor, checked the distributor, pulled out the plugs. Everything they could think of. Darren Visser waved his hand over it. The grandchildren gave the little car a push start, and the trademark cloud of white smoke began pouring from the exhausts. Loud cheers.John Gillett had no trouble with his fabulous MG K3. Graeme Raper was doing some adjustments to the So-Cal, as it would be Louise who would be driving it. A whole fleet of Austin sevens gathered together for a photo shoot. Norm Beechy was there. Graham Hoinville and commentator/driver Don Kinsey likewise. Drivers' briefing was completed and everything was ready to go by nine o'clock.Please Note - Click on the small images below to see a larger version. Sometimes a second click will improve focus and enlargement of the picture. Look for the + sign in the small circle.
New AC New johncoffin New graemenoon'scoopermkV11 New fredgreeneklecooperjap
 An interesting AC undergoing restoration  John Coffin (green & black suit)  Graeme Noonan - Cooper Mk V11  Fred Greeneklee - Cooper JAP
 New graemeraper  New johngillettMGK3  New lobito  New martinnjohn
 Graeme Raper's George Reed Spl'Monoskate'   John Gillett's s/c MG K3  Leo Bates' magnificent F3 Lobito  Martin Stubbs talks to John Marriott sitting in his Austin 7
 DSC02052  DSC02061  DSC02064  DSC02089
 Trevor Cole having a good day in his Astin 7  Will Charlton - Fraser Clubman  Glen Bishop in his immaculate Austin 7  John Coffin - Robbins 500
 DSC02115  DSC02127  DSC02136  DSC02177
 Darren Visser - 'Cyclo'  Doug Burnip MG TC  Chris Farrell MG TC  Louise Raper in the 3990cc So-Cal Spl
Given the nature of historic car racing, it is only fit that a special trophy be awarded to drivers who have a fair bit of history behind them as well. This trophy is based on “an index of performance" and not the fastest and most expensive car. The competition is only conducted at Rob Roy and is for drivers aged 65 years of age and over. The index of performance is based on the driver's age added to the age of his or her car and divided by their best time up the hill. (Ref - Official Programme.)Of the 14 previous winners of the "Trophee" since 1997, Motormarques spotted 7 at the 20th Historic & Classic Hillclimb on Sunday 27 November 2011.Trevor Cole, Graham Hoinville. Ian Rankine, Don Kinsey, Ray Sprague, Walter Magilton, and Bill Prowse. 
DSC02180 DSC02182 DSC02161  DSC02153 
 Darryl Duff - red Chev Camaro  Darren Visser driving 'Cyclo'   John Hickford's Lancia Lambdareplica   Bill Redpath - Redpath Olds Spl
 New noonanMkVII  New car30 New car31   New car182
 Graeme Noonan - Cooper Mk VII  John Gillett s/c MG K3 Ross Simmonds - Ford V8  Owen Dickson - Austin 7
 New martin1150untouched  New magilton  New Louiseraper  New Johnnash
 Martin Stubb's Austin 7 - not sureit likes the heavy rear wheels/tyres   Walter Magilton - MG NA Magnette  Louise Raper - So Cal Spl  John Nash - Indy Car USA Ford
 DSC02037  DSC02057  DSC02060  DSC02082
 Philip Gray - Ford Spl  Phillip Hallo - Austin 7  Kenneth Innes-Irons  Austin 7  John Marriott - Austin 7
Some of these champion trophy-winners have raced at the legendary Templestowe Hillclimb quite a few years ago now.Templestowe was a 969 metre long track, designed and constructed in 1951 by members of the Victorian Sporting Car Club, and which was enormously popular in its day. Urban development engulfed it and the final event was conducted by the MG Car Club on 6th December 1987. I mention this because there was a giant construction at that venue in the form of giant brake shoes. This steel and concrete construction was moved to Rob Roy and its reconstruction was completed in November 2009. The event at Rob Roy described in this article was a special "opening" celebration.
Please Note: Motormarques holds a great many more photos of this event, as well as of other events presented over the years by Motormarques. Many of these are Hi-res and quite large. You are invited to Register with Us (see the Create an account box at the bottom of the left hand column on our Front Page) for more information. 
Friday, 28 October 2011 19:54
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Motorclassica 2011

Photos by Richard Abey. Motorclassica is an annual event that is reminiscent of the glory days of  motor car exhibitions that heralded a 'great new era' of motoring. Held in Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Buildings - itself constructed to celebrate Melbourne's 'arrival' in the wide world of Trade and Commerce - it is one of  the most interesting automobile exhibitions of our time.Derek Bell (shown above) Is a British motor racing driver in the same league as Stirling Moss, Jim Clark, Phil Hill and Mike Hawthorn. He won atLe Mans five times between 1975 and 1987 each time in a Porsche for the Rothmans, Porsche Systems and Golf  teams. He also won two World of Sports Car Championships in 1985 and 1986, and in the 12 hours of Sebring three times between 1986 and 1989. He has been described as the"the most liked driver of his generation."  From our photo you can easily see why.   
New_DSC08362 New_DSC08365 New_DSC08366 New_DSC08368
1925 Vauxhall 30-98 OE VeloxTourer. Chassis No OE 229, Engine No OE 239 1913 Vauxhall D Type - 25 hp open tourer Auburn 1967 Fiat Dino - Pininfarina   1987 cc, V6 quad cam  engine
New_DSC08379 New_DSC08385 New_DSC08388 New_DSC08392
Bugatti 1927 Salmson Grand Sport 1932 Fiat Ballilla 1937 Aston Martin
The 1927 Salmson Grand Sport is still much respected in Europe and  Australia. Built at  Billancourt, powererd by an 1100 cc twin cam engine, the marque won 550 races (including, in 1923, a  463 km Grand Prix at St Sebastian - covering 463 km at an average of 82 km/h.)  It appears these daysat local competition such as Phillip Island and Rob Roy. Motormarques last saw and admired it at the RACV rally to Mornington a year or two ago.(2008)DSC08395_800                                                         Sproingg !!  Holden has gone back to the future.
New_DSC08398 New_DSC08401 New_DSC08422 New_DSC08425
Nigel Tait's 1968 Matich SR4. 550bhp. 7500 rpm.  Pre-war MG Sports Roadster 1938 BMW 328 Roadster 1959 Facel Vega - see below
New_DSC08429 New_DSC08450 New_DSC08455 New_DSC08460
1933 Hispano Suiza HS 26Cabriolet. Part French built by Ballot  1973 GMH Torana. Repco Brabham 1968 1958 Lancia Aurelia BT 20 GT  value around $140 - 180 000
  1973 Holden Brock HDT LJ XVI Torana.  This car was first raced at Bathurst in 1973. Brock went on to win the 1973 Manufacturers' Championship and the 1974 Touring Car Championship in this car. 1959 Facel Vega - Boulevard supercar. Chrysler 360 (5.9 litre) engine. Chrysler Torqueflight automatic transmission. Power steering. Top speed 150 mph. People who owned Facel Vega cars included the Shah of Iran, Tony Curtis, Joan Fontaine, Ava Gardner, Ringo Starr, Danny Kay, Stirling Moss, and Pablo Picasso. 1968 Repco Brabham BT - 31. This was a one-off Brabham Formula One car built by the Brabham organisation in 1968 for use by Sir Jack in the European Formula One series. The 3 L car was not able to be built in time for the 1968 world championship, so Sir Jack brought the vehicle back to Australia and enteredit in the Tasman Series here. It first appeared at Sandown Park with a 2.5 L Repco Brabham engine. Its current owner is Peter Strauss who uses it in historic racing with 2.5 and 3.0 L engines.  
New_DSC08461 New_DSC08463 New_DSC08477 New_DSC08488
Maserati 1960s - 3500 1966 Matra Djet V6 (? Rene Ballot France) V4 Ford engine. Vauxhall Auburn
New_DSC08504 ssjag_S New_DSC08444 DS23200
Alfa Romeo SS Jaguar RACV Austin 7 van Citroen DS 23
Thursday, 13 October 2011 23:22
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Launceston Museum

In a recent trip to Launceston, Richard visited the National Museum of Tasmania. 
  Photos by Richard Abey
IMG_5571 IMG_5573 IMG_5575 IMG_5576
1951 Riley 2.5 1954 Riley Pathfinder 1949 MG TC 1935 Alvis Speed 20SC
IMG_5578 IMG_5584 IMG_5586 IMG_5590
1936 Fiat Topolino 1964 Daimler SP 250 Sports 1965 Alvis TE 21 Drophead Coupe 1977 GMH Torana A9X
IMG_5591 IMG_5597 IMG_5598 IMG_5600
1913 Siddeley Deasy 18-24 hp 1911 Itala 14-18 hp 1913 Standard 1928 A Model Ford
IMG_5618 IMG_5621 IMG_5630 IMG_5663
Austin 7 Citroen B14 F 1925 Alvis SC 12/50 1935 Riley Imp 
As can be seen in the photographs above, Richard photographed the placards accompanying the exhibits. A typical example is shown below.
railcar railcarnotice
Tuesday, 11 October 2011 22:45
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Collingrove Hill-Climb 2011

Words: Martin Stubbs.  Photos: Gerry van Leeuwen & Martin Stubbs
Trevor Cole, 1937 Austin 7 'Shaw' in the marshaling area.
It was with some trepidation that I left Melbourne at 6.00 am for Collingrove in South Australia. Heavy rain storms were still around and most of southern Australia was experiencing a series of cold fronts with high winds. I had allowed 10 hours to travel the 900 kilometers to Collingrove as I had arranged to have the gate unlocked at 4.00 pm at the site so I could camp overnight. For many years I had heard all about Collingrove and that it had similarities to the famous Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb in the UK  So this was the year it was to happen and a group of the Austin 7 racing fraternity were encouraged by the Sporting Car Club of  South Australia to come across. The group consisted of Trevor Cole, John Marriott, Phillip Hallo and myself. Another Victoria  group were the Vauxhall 30/98s of Mike Hipkins, Peter Holbeach and Ron House, and the Victorian MGs of Ed Taylor J3,  Doug Keith NA Magnette and Neil Cooke PB. The only other entrant from Victoria was Grant Cowie with his  Shelsley Frazer Nash, a most appropriate car for a vintage hillclimb. Other well known Victorians visiting but not driving  were Graeme Steinfort and Nigel Tait.  
   New_gvl.02_S New_gvl.03_S  New_gvl.07_S   New_gvl.08_S
Ed Taylor, 1933 MG J3 Jim Scammell, 1922 Essex/4. Leslie Tarnay, 1917 Dodge. Peter Thompson, 1948 Austin A40 Weir & Male Special
 New_gvl.13_S  New_gvl.14_S New_gvl.27_S   New_gvl.32_S
Bruce Hartwig. 1932 Alfa RomeoP3 Scale Replica Geoff Redin, 1926/74 Austin 7 Kent Patrick, 1926/9 Bugatti Type 37A. Richard Creasy, 1925 Amilcar GS.
New_gvl.41_S  New_gvl.45_S
Ian Potts, 1939 HRG Peter Wilson, 1939 Riley 12hpSpecial  Doug Keith, 1934 MG NA Magnette John Payne, 1933/39 MG J2 Special
New_gvl.65_S New_gvl.111_S New_gvl.81_S   New_gvl.85_S
Martin Stubbs, Austin 7 "Mawson"    Special  Donald Penn, 1949 Rilstone Special   Trevor Cole's grandson gettingready to take over Gerard Miller, 1939 Plymouth Special 
On Sunday as the heats got underway first timers like myself to this track were struck by the differences of this layout compared to our venues in Victoria. It is narrow, twisty with tight turns one on top of the other with a coarse surface which allows for high grip levels. Collingrove is well organized and includes a return road, with only 42 entrants we got through our three runs in the morning and two in the afternoon in no time.  Competitors were grouped in classes, 'Come & Run', Group J, Group K, Invited Post War and Vintage Sports & Touring Cars. As well as these classes all Austin 7 competitors were eligible for the Kevin Shearer Formula Award - a mysterious mathematical equation to reward the oldest driver driving the oldest car. In this case the result was a forgone  conclusion, the winner being our Trevor Cole.                                                                    Loading for the trip home
New_ms.01_S New_ms.15_S New_ms.08_s New_ms.16_S
John Marriott, 1937 Austin 7 'Athey' MG Team Richard Creasy, 1925 Amilcar GS Phillip Hallo, 1930 Austin 7
New_ms.20_S New_ms.19_S New_ms.22_S New_ms.25_S
Geoff Redin fiddling Neil Cooke, 1935 MG PB Pit Lineup Grant Cowie, 1934 Frazer NashShelsley
New_ms.39_S New_ms.35_S New_ms.31_S gvl.111002-42_S
Peter Holbeach, 1925 Vauxhall 30/98 Trying to start the Rilstone Special 1948 Austin A40 Weir & Male Douglas Potts, 1949 HRG
Many thanks to Jim Scammell and the other members of the Hillclimb Group for making us Victorian's welcome to your wonderful Collingrove Hillclimb. The event was a great experience both on and off the track, and the weather was glorious. We would love to be back for next year to see if we can improve our times, obviously five runs was not enough to learn all the nuances of this track which provides the enthusiastic driver with many rewards.
Sunday, 02 October 2011 00:43
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Wakefield Thunder

Text and photos by Lucas and Bill Hunter
For the last few weeks Motormarques has been promoting two major motorsport events in Australia - the Historic Sports and Racing Car Association event at Wakefield Park in New South Wales, and the Collingrove Hillclimb in South Australia.   Since each of them is 5 or 600 miles or more from Melbourne, we had one part of the Motormarques team going north to New South Wales, and the other part heading west  to South Australia.   The HSRCA attracted a field of  some of the greatest cars in the country, participating in 38 events.   Wakefield Park, you would have to say, is a bit off the beaten track. It's not that far out of Goulburn and the big Merino (a giant concrete ram you can climb into if you want. )   We walked across muddy ground and paid the entrance money. The ticket mentioned that Wakefield Park is "The best spectator track in Australia", which could be true, but I think that the Haunted Hills track near Morwell in Victoria would go close to equalling it.
Above: TVR M
I spotted a fine looking TVR on a trailer, just near the entrance.  It was shown on the entry list as a 1972 TVR 2500M.They’re not all that common a car, and I had to look them up in a book later on to find something about them.   TVR started off in the 1950s in Blackpool, England, producing kit cars. They had a multi-tube frame and a fibreglass body. TVRMs came later, fitted with Triumph 2498 cc and Ford 2944 cc engines .   There was another TVR M at the meeting - David Price's 1972 car.I had a word to Bill Donoghue, who was taking a coffee break while another TVR nearby (See car No 82 - left) was being prepared for racing.It was fitted with a cage that looked very neat and strong. Apparently the job had been done by a friend of Bill”s.   “A bloke from Sydney?"   " No. He's from Canberra. He's a rally fanatic, and he does a lot of work on a lot of cars in the Canberra area "   On the subject of trailers, I later had a word to Wes Dayton who was roping his MG TC to one. He was getting ready to head back to Sydney.   It was quite a few years since we last met. I couldn't see the 1960 TR3A he normally drives.   "It broke on Friday. Nothing too serious."   I hadn’t seen this MG before. Wes told me a bit about it. He built it up from scratch with parts he had got from all over the country.   "The chassis was hanging in someone's garage for about 20 years. It took us seven years to build it. It is entered in a special CAMS class called Lc* ""This is a class for cars that have a racing history and are in the likeness of the car that the guys are used to drive."   "The car you're looking at has all standard TC parts - all the way back. The chassis was straightened but it is standard as is the transmission, differential, driveline, everything."   I asked him where were all the cosmetic bits.   "Never had them. All the bits came from different places."   "Are you going to race it again today?"   "No. I've got to get home." MG TCs featured in another category at Wakefield. The 'Aussie Special' Group that attracted Dick Willis' Stewart MG, Syd Reinhardt's 'John Blanden' Special,John Gillett's Special, Bob Boast's TC-powered Special, Richard Townley's Patterson/Bryden TC,  Brian Parkinson's 'The GAF', and Chris Farrell's Special. The Aussie Specials category was truly magic, attracting, amongst other famous machines, the 1935 Kleinig Hudson shown below.* Confederation of Australian Motorsport - (Lc - Square Riggers - This group caters for “square rigger” sports cars (primarily MG TC) where it was common practice to remove the windscreen, mudguards and headlights and run as a racing car, at the whim of the owner. One-off special type vehicles constructed at any time after 1 January 1940 but prior to the end of 1960 are also catered for in this group. ) 
Above: David Roberts in the 1935 Kleinig Hudson