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1935 Fiat 509 Special

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My name is Michael Brller and some years ago I bought a Fiat 509 Special that was build in 1935 by Mr. Frank Adams in Australia.  I know a lot about the car but still not everything.
I was happy to find a person who owned the car for 10 years and has sent me some Information about the time he owned the car.

I know the  following:
- 1935 -1961 the car was owned by Mr. Frank Adams (Victoria) who built this car
- 1977 Don Webb -  Book: 'Australia's veteran & vintage cars'
- 1978-1980   - Don Wells. Also 'The history of the Geelong Speed Trials 1956-1985'  by Gary Grant. (The car was at this time being driven in Geelong)            
- 1989-1999 Peter Cole  (Australia)

- 2000-2001 Rick and Brendan Furlong (UK)

Sample Image  Sample Image  Sample Image Sample Image  Sample Image
Some more Pictures of the car can be found on my account on Flickr It would be great if somebody who knows the car could let me have some more information   Michael Buller This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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