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Friday, 06 June 2008 20:48

Winton Autumn Meeting

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From Bill Hunter, Martin Stubbs, and others The Austin 7 Club presents the 32nd Historic Winton
 Dick Willis - 1970cc  Mildren Cooper T51 - takes time out between Group Lb Racing events on Saturday 
Historic Winton May 24-25. Wonderful as ever.
For this event, we have Alex Webster to thank for his permission to use his videos taken from the video camera inboard his Porsche 911S (Car No 66). Two other videos were taken from various access points around the track.  Note  that viewers are sometimes given the option of viewing the videos in higher quality than previously.

The photographs below were taken  by Bill Hunter during a brief lull between events on Saturday 24th May.
 Alistair Clarke (NSW) attends to his
1933 J Type Special - Group Ka
 1956 MG TC 'Bill Pile Special'  The unstoppable Glen Bishop
Austin 7
 Under construction - rear suspension
incorporated from early model Ford
 Davies & Marsten HRD motorcycle
 Maysdale Special
 Engine of Maysdale Special reflects
quality of the project 
 Morgan 3 wheeler can be seen in
action in one of our videos
 1922 Wikner Ford Special - probably
the oldest racing car in Australia

 Video trackside - 1  Video trackside - 2


 Gary Poole - one of the oldest Holdens
still racing
 Modifications to the original FX engine  Neil Paton & Rod Bell
Suzuki 1100cc
 Ian Tate - Ford Prefect Special  Alex Webster's Porsche 911S.
See on-board videos below
 1959 Stapleton/King Jaguar under

The Alex Webster videos - Pt 1  The Alex Webster videos - Part 2 
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