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Monday, 14 April 2014 22:58
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Myrniong Hillclimb Sprint 2014

A big turnout saw return of favourites and brilliant newcomers.  A special treat was to see Jim Russell back in form, driving Testa Plata (Ford V8 Spl - Car No 1)Special note on Austin 7 racing cars. The original Chummy Tourer first appeared in 1922. It had 190 cm wheelbase, a 10 bhp engine and the weight of 356 kg. Its tiny side valve engine with two bearing crankshaft only 28.6 millimetres in diameter proved tough enough to win the longest and races such as Monza, Brooklands, Ulster and elsewhere, and to withstand supercharging.The Ulster Super Sports car was Austin's most serious effort in the sports car market. It had an A frame, transverse leaf spring at the front, 1/4 eliptic springs at the rear, and tiny four wheel brakes. The 747 cc side valve engine was fitted with a gear-driven Cozette supercharger, special cylinder head, valve gear and camshaft and pump-cooling. The two-bearing crank shaft was required to turn over at 5000 rpm. It was pressure-lubricated and balanced.The three speed gear box had close ratio gears. Wings, hood, windscreen and lights were quickly removable for competition work and the weights with a doorless, open, two-seater body and spidery outside exhaust system was around 435 kg. With 33 brake horsepower available, the little car could exceed 120 kilometres an hour (75 MPH) reliably. An unblown 24 bhp version could reach 100 kilometres an hour (60 mph).The blown car, raced by the factory in 1929 scored four class wins in major British races, and finished third and fourth in the Ulster Touring Trophy. In 1930 the little orange cars took three more British class wins and won the 500 miles race at Brooklands outright at 134.25 kilometres (83.42 mph).
Wednesday, 26 March 2014 03:08
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The CC RMIT Rally was held on Saturday March 2 on mountainous country roads not far from the site of the recent disastrous bushfires that wiped out thousands of hectares of pristine bush. As the photos show - the Rally route was relatively unaffected, and fast times and lots of incidents resulted in a number of DNF results, including one roll-over.Because of file size limitations, most of the photos taken have had to be placed on the Motormarques Facebook site.
Wednesday, 16 October 2013 19:48
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Dalro Jaguar Mk II.

Seen here at Eastern Creek in 2005. Text adapted from Dick Willis' placard on the car.Bathurst 100 mile racer. Last of the big, hairy front engined cars of the 1960s.Built by Alwyn Rose and Les Wright from the remains of the Mk 1 Dalro that was destroyed in a monumental crash at Catalina Park. The car was used in the making of Neville Shute's classic film 'On the Beach'.