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Friday, 23 January 2009 06:57

What car is this?

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Is this car a Hotchkiss?  
Hi, Bonjour, I am writing on behalf of my French mate, Jean-Pierre Bush
The following is what Jean-Pierre wrote us:                                                                                                 I have a photo of a very old car, probably built before 1910. I would like help in identifying it.               Can anyone help ?
The information on the backside of the photo is:
19 January 2009.
Name Jean-Claude P.
In the Parthenay Region (No 79) at Poitu                                                                                                                                                                                                                
After spending time on the internet, I'm inclined to think that my mystery car is a Hotchkiss. What's your thought on this? It has the same kind of round radiator; the front wings/mudguards and the suspension all look similar, and the whole look of the cars is similat too. Don't you agree?

The picture of the blue car is of a Hotchkiss 1904. Would you compare that images with the monochrome pic that I have already shown. So we're asking MotorMarques readers for any information they might have. I'll send more as information comes to hand.                                              Jean-Pierre Bush has his website:

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