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What car is this?

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  Is this car a Hotchkiss?
  The unknown motorcar - what is it?
Hi, Bonjour -

I am writing on behalf of my mate, Jean-Pierre Bush, so this page is in English.

The Website it relates to is in French - click on the link (in red below) and you'll be taken there.

The following is what J-P asked to be translated :-
Seeking Information about an unknown car.
19 January 2009.
Name Jean-Claude P.
In the Parthenay Region (No 79) at Poitu

I have a photo of very old car, probably built before 1920. I would like help in identifying it. Can anyone help?

As you look at the page mentioned above, you'll see that there is a grey box just below the monochrome photo, with the message: "Envoyer vos commentaires ici" .

That means that if you do have information that might help, please click on the word 'ici' and type your message in the box that appears. It doesn't matter if you write in English. I can translated it. Or else you can use the 'Contact Us' item on the site, and I'll pass your information along.

Our correspondent send the following:
 Is this the same model as the car in the older photo?

After spending time on the internet, I'm inclined to think that my mystery car is a Hotchkiss. What's your thought on this? It has the same kind of round radiator; the front wings/mudguards and the suspension all look similar, and the whole look of the cars is similat too. Don't you agree?

  Hotchkiss 1904

The above photo is of a Hotchkiss 1904. Would you compare that images with the monochrome pic that I have already shown.

  Probably a 1907 Model H National - 50 hp, 4 cyl

So we're asking Mototmarques readers for any information they might have.
I'll send more as information comes to hand. How did you go understanding the French? You do get the hang of it after a while.

Jean-Pierre Bush has his website:

  Bill Hunter
Please use the 'Contact Us' link on the left hand side of the Motormarques page, even if just to say hello.
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