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Alan Green - Chimaera

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  "One of the very few cars in Australia  - built by, owned by and driven by its manufacturer."  
At Rob Roy - 27 November 2010   This well-known car belongs to Alan Green   It is fitted with an MGA motor and gearbox connected to an old Holden rear end. .   Bill: It would have to be pretty strong to hold those big back tyres.   Alan: They are 6 or 7 inch rims. It's so long since I built it 1962.. It's had that body since '64.   Bill: I've seen the car all around the traps - at Historic races, sprints and hillclimbs.   Alan: It started its life when I was 17 as an Austin 7 Special, then it went to a Ford 10 Special and then in '63 I put that motor and the rear end on it, and that's how it's been since '64. It was log-booked in '65. It's probably one of the very few cars in Australia, if any, that still built by, owned by and driven by its manufacturer.   Bill: Cars and bits of cars do the rounds a bit, don't they?   Alan: They do.   Bill: Motormarques itself is a bit quirky, and I hope you don't mind my saying that this is a somewhat quirky car.   Alan Laughs agreement.
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